Ella Magers Happy Healthy

Hi, I’m Ella Magers and I want to welcome to my web world of all things vegan, fit, and sexy!

I have created this space because my greatest passion is to share with you my knowledge and experiences, past and present, that have helped me attain a vegan lifestyle that is not only compassionate and healthy, but also spicy and energizing!

I am here to give you the tools you need to create your own sexy fit vegan diet plan and create a compassionate lifestyle you love!!!

My journey started with an “aha” moment in third grade when I connected my love of animals to the food on my plate and decided never to eat meat again. My deep sense of compassion for all living creatures soon led me to transition into a fully vegan lifestyle.

 My other great passion, fitness, began with the numerous sports I participated in since age five. I jumped right into my career in the fitness & wellness industry at age 22, and opportunity brought me from my beautiful home state of North Carolina to hot, sexy Miami Beach. Here, I was able to combine all my passions with a career helping people become fit and healthy through exercise and nutrition. Immediately after moving I also discovered my love of muay thai kickboxing and have been practicing ever since.

I have been a fitness and wellness professional for 12+ years now, with my certifications in Personal Training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Wellness Coaching from the University of Miami.  I obtained my Masters Degree in Social Work to gain additional skills in counseling people work through their hardships, gain success, and be happy, healthy individuals both physically and mentally. I am also currently working toward my Doctorate in Holistic Sports Nutrition.

I have been featured as a fitness expert in the media, including regular appearances on CBS Health News Reports, publications for Prevention, Ms. Fitness, and Modern Bride magazines, and in fitness videos, including Crunch Boot Camp and Brazil Butt Lift.  As a fitness competitor, I was lucky enough to win the FAME Fitness World Championship several years ago. In September, 2013, I was privileged to be featured with a spread in BodyBuilding.com, as the Personal Trainer of the Month. I was honored to be named in Shape Magazine’s Top 50 Trainers in America, 2014. Most recently, I was invited by the Sheraton in Macau, China where I traveled to lead a vegan fitness and vegan diet plan workshop for their Fitness Connection Month.

Living a life I love, full of fun, while keeping true to my values of a fit body and compassion toward all animals is my driving force. The desire to share my journey led to the creation of SexyFitVegan.com where my mission is to help you on your path to feeling full of life and energy, recharged from the inside out, and loving what you see in the mirror.  In other words, being a sexy fit vegan!

I have 2 ebooks available on my website, the How To Go Vegan Beginner’s Guide and the How To Make Your Own Superfood Shakes. My book, the Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan. includes a 6-week meal plan with over 100 awesome, simple yet satisfying plant-based recipes to go with it (available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

In 2016 I launched an exciting new program, the 6-Week Plant-Empowered Coaching Program that took off immediately. I help people make the transition to a healthy, active, plant-based lifestyle in a SUSTAINABLE (key word) way. No counting calories or macros. No cookie-cutter meal plan. It’s all about giving people the tools they need to change old habits and create a lifestyle that truly works for each individual.

In December 2016 I launched my newest program, marking a new, thrilling direction in my career. The 8-Week Empower Consulting Program is all about guiding wellness professionals through the process of creating a successful, profitable business they are proud of. My 6-Week Coaching Program was so successful I knew immediately I wanted to share the steps I took to take my business and life to the next level with other passionate people struggling to grow their own businesses

Thanks for being a part of my world!

– Ella