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5 Simple Ways to Enjoy a Vegan Memorial Day BBQ

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A vegan Memorial Day BBQ may seem like somewhat of an oxymoron, but it’s time to break away from tradition and get healthy and creative! Memorial Day generally involves barbecue grills loaded with racks of ribs and burgers,tables full of macaroni salad and chips, as well as coolers full of beer, wine, and sugary cocktail mixers. […]

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cheese alternatives

Top 5 Vegan Cheese Brands

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Thanks to the growing vegan cheese options on the shelves these days, giving up cheese is becoming easier and easier. I get a lot of new clients who say, “I would go vegan, but I just can’t imagine life without cheese!” Well let me just tell you… Vegan cheese has come A LONG WAY since […]

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store bought Veggie Burgers

Store Bought Veggie Burgers

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Wondering what store bought veggie burgers are healthy and which should be considered vegan junk food? The First Question to Ask Yourself Is… “Is this veggie burger vegan?” Some store bought veggie burgers are vegetarian, but contain animal bi-products such as egg whites. With that in mind, know that all the frozen veggie burgers I […]

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Vegan Fitness Challenge Group: Fit Vegan Living Made Fun!

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If you’ve ever been stuck in a food or fitness rut when you needed some extra vegan fitness motivation, join the club! No really… Join the Vegan Fitness Challenge club! Starting next month, June 2017, we will be taking on a vegan fitness challenge the first five weekdays of every month. Whether you’re feeling unmotivated or bored […]

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Quick and Easy Chia-ocolate Pudding


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