Fast Against Slaughter 2015

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On October 2, 2015 I participated in the Fast Against Slaughter for the first time.   Oct 2 is World Day for Farmed Animals , and on this day tens of thousands of people take the pledge to fast in support of the billions of farm animals that are slaughtered each year. Each day approximately […]

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Shredded Vegan Protein Cookies

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I hope all you Sexy Fit Vegan readers enjoy this recipe for Shredded Vegan Protein Cookies! Since I am a physique competitor protein is of utmost importance to my diet. Based on other vegan protein cookie recipes I’ve seen, I found by making some adjustment I could make these even healthier and a little more fun. […]

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New High Protein Chickpea Pasta!

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I noticed a new high protein vegan-friendly pasta on the grocery store shelves the other day… Banza pasta made from chickpeas! I’m always excited to find new, healthy products to add my vegan diet plan (and share with all of you of course) so I was psyched to give this pasta a try. I checked the ingredients… […]

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hemp seeds

Hemp Seeds: Why and How to Eat More!

Going Vegan Tips Vegan Nutrition

They may be small, but hemp seeds pack a big, nutritious punch! Nutrition Hemp seeds can be considered a super food because of their dense nutritional profile… High in digestible protein. Hemp seeds contain all 20 essential amino acids. They are low in the amino acid leucine however, so we need to get leucine from […]

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A Quick, Easy Vegan Recipe For Pre-Training Calories

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Fueling your body with healthy, nutrient dense, plant-based calories before an intense training session helps me get the most out of my workout… One thing I am not however, is a gourmet chef! I don’t spend all day in the kitchen experimenting with food. I like things quick and easy. However, one cannot live on peanut […]

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Top 5 Stability Ball Core Exercises

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It’s Vegan Fitness Friday and today I’m sharing the top five effective stability ball exercises I recommend for strengthening your core! 1.  High Plank Hip Extension: Start in a high plank position with your hands on the floor and the top of your feet on the ball. Make sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. Engage […]

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My Top 3 Exercise “Playlist”!

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I often get asked what my favorite exercises are, and while there are too many great exercises out there to choose from, if I had to narrow down my favorites, these would make the top 3 list! Thanks to my friend and Humane League Atlanta Office Director, Chris Guinn, for the topic idea BTW! 1. […]

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Vegan Fitness Journey 2

My Vegan Journey Part 2: Regaining My Strength

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“Being part of Team Plantbuilt is a huge honor as it allows me to be part of a much larger group of athletes who share a common goal, to show that you can be strong, athletic and build muscle on a vegan diet plan and most importantly to support animal welfare.” In my last blog […]

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