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Easy Vegan Recipe: No Bake Gluten Free Protein Bars


These healthy vegan bars have a chewy brownie crust, a thick peanut butter layer and a chocolate drizzle and hemp seed topping.  They are an easy vegan recipe to make, and at 16 grams of protein per bar they are power packed and delicious!  For those of you with nut allergies the peanut butter could […]

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Pizza Cutter

Black Bean Tortilla Pizza


This pizza is easy, quick, lower in calories than traditional pizza, high in protein and delicious! Great for the whole family (kids could assemble their own) and you could definitely customize the toppings to whatever you like. But the following is my personal favourite: 1 whole wheat tortilla Pizza sauce Chopped red onion Chopped red […]

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Ella Magers Jump Rope

Vegan Fitness: Ode to Jumprope

Fitness For A Sexy Fit Vegan Body

I’d like to give a big shout out to one of my best friends for vegan fitness, Jump Rope! Jumprope, This morning as I used you, I realized that all I do is use you, and never do I thank you. So… Thank you! Thank you for all that you are and all that you […]

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Vegan Alcohol

Alcohol on a Vegan Diet Plan?

Tips for Going Vegan Top Vegan Swaps & Product Reviews

Going vegan does not mean you have to give up alcohol… I enjoy sipping on fine tequila socially and a flavorful beer watching football and UFC with friends. Alcohol certainly doesn’t make the “super foods” list. It doesn’t do a liver good. Nevertheless, it’s a part of an otherwise very healthy lifestyle for me and […]

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