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Vegan Frying Pan

Go Vegan and Go Out to Eat, It’s Easy!

Tips for Going Vegan

A great social life and being vegan can go hand-in-hand! One important step in your sexy fit vegan journey is discovering how to eat out comfortably and happily… You can’t have a great social life without going out to restaurants with your friends, right?!  Here’s how I look at it… Truth is, I may not get to […]

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Meal Time Weight Loss TIps

5 Simple Meal-Time Weight Loss Tricks

Tips for Going Vegan Vegan Nutrition Information

Shed those extra pound with these 5 simple tips!  When it comes to weight loss, it’s great to “think big.” When it comes to changing habits we’ve had for years however, long-term success is usually found by consistently taking small steps in the right direction until you reach your larger goal. In this article we […]

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vegan Halloween

A Healthier Halloween: A Sexy Fit Vegan Candy List

Top Vegan Swaps & Product Reviews

Halloween is coming up fast… Time to stock up on vegan candy for the Trick-or-Treaters!  The fact that a surprising number of traditional halloween candy is vegan is awesome! PeTA created a list of the top 25 vegan candies (such as Airheads, Pixi Sticks, and Jolly Ranchers)… check it out HERE! Unfortunately “vegan” is not synonymous […]

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Vegan Seed Food and Wine Festival Miami

Mixologist Throwdown! Miami’s Badass Vegan Festival Kicks Off!

Vegan Fame and Fortune Vegan-Related Current Events

Ask anyone who went to the Vegan “Mixologist Throwdown” what they did and they will all agree with me… We ATE. DRANK. ENJOYED! Seed Food and Wine Miami is an incredible 5-day experience for guests who want to sip, savor, and learn about conscious plant-based living. Nightly events, as well as the full-day festival itself consists of […]

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