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Vegan Superfoods

Top 20 Vegan Superfoods

Vegan Nutrition Information

In this post, I want to quickly clear up some confusion many people have when it comes to “super foods.” You see and hear it all over the place these days… “Eat super foods for optimal health,” “super foods for weight loss,” “super foods to prevent cancer,” but which foods qualify to be super foods? […]

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Vegan Cupcake

Vegans Indulge Too!

Tips for Going Vegan Top Vegan Swaps & Product Reviews

Hi Everyone! I, like everyone else, over-indulged! Shocker I know but believe it or not, I’m human too! Today I want to share with you a few of the foods & drinks I splurge on. They are all 100% vegan of course, but they are not whole foods in that they are all processed to some degree. […]

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Vegan Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day

Tips for Going Vegan

July 4th is all about celebrating the pride we have in our country and being thankful for our freedom. I want to share how incredibly grateful I am to live in a country in which I am able to speak my mind and do all I can to follow my passions. I am able to […]

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Vegan needed supplements-660x240

Top 7 Nutrients You May Need to Supplement

Vegan Nutrition Information

One of the most common questions I receive (after, “How do you get your protein?”) is, “Do you take supplements?” I have been vegan 18 years (vegetarian 26 years) and during that time I have heard so much conflicting information from different people and groups. Most of this information had very little, unbiased, conclusive research […]

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