La Isla vegan fashion

La Isla Swimwear: Sexy & Cruelty Free!

Vegan Fashion Vegan Product Reviews

If you are looking for a new swimsuit for the upcoming summer but want to make sure you are also contributing to a better planet, then I suggest you check out the sexy and cruelty free brand La Isla Swimwear as featured in Sports Illustrated recently. It has a reputation built on quality and straight […]

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Cooking with a wok

Cooking With A Wok

Going Vegan Tips Guest Blog Posts Vegan Recipes

Ever wonder about cooking with a wok, the “why” and “how” to use one? Here’s what Ella’s dad has to say… So Ella tells me a blog posting doesn’t have to be new or exotic, because something that’s ordinary to me might be brand new to someone else.  “What about using a wok?” she says.  […]

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March Against Monsanto – My First Protest

Environmentalism Vegan Nutrition Vegan-Related Current Events

“We have been robbed of our own food and the simplicity, nutrition, flavor and enjoyment it is meant to bring us which is why I felt inspired to be a part of the March Against Monsanto yesterday here in Miami.” Earlier today I was eating an apple…an organic apple of course. An organic apple that I […]

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Vegan Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake

Guest Blog Posts Vegan Recipes

“When I became Ella’s stepmom I took out my twenty-year-old Farm Vegetarian Cooking book and baked a vegan strawberry shortcake –wedding cake, actually!” Hello to all you sexy fit vegans (and future sexy fit vegans!) from Ella’s (fortunate) stepmom!  I feel lucky to have Ella in my life and so admire her dedication and compassion.  […]

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Brooks Running Company Eco-Friendly

Brooks Running Company: Environmentally Conscious & Employee Friendly!

Vegan Fashion Vegan Fitness

For any of you who are avid runners such as myself, you may know that it is not easy to find a great running shoe, much less vegan running shoe, that can support the wear and tear hitting the pavement can put on your knees and feet. Even more challenging is finding a brand that […]

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Workouts For A Cut, Beach Body

Guest Blog Posts Vegan Fitness

Are you looking to get cut for that beach body this summer? Do you want to shed a little more belly fat to be the envy on the beach? Doing this and also improving muscle definition can be frustrating at times. So here are some good helpful pointers to switch up that boring split routine. […]

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Kirsten Going Vegan Story

Hello all you Sexy Fit Vegans!

Going Vegan Tips Guest Blog Posts Vegan Fitness Vegan-Related Books & Documentaries

Hello everyone!                          I have done a couple of posts here already but I thought I would formally introduce myself and share my story with you all.  My name is Kirsten Mitchell and I am thrilled to be part of the Sexy Fit Vegan […]

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5 Tips for Summer-Ready Abs

Going Vegan Tips Vegan Fitness Vegan Nutrition

Summer is creeping up on us quickly… Time to take action for beach-ready abs! As featured on PeTA’s “Living” blog… Who doesn’t want a beautifully sculpted stomach? As a fitness trainer and nutrition coach, I hear it from my clients all the time: “How do I get rid of this,” they ask, as they grab and pinch belly […]

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