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vegan breakfast-in-a-pinch

Vegan Breakfast In a Pinch

Guest Blog Posts Vegan Recipes

Does breakfast slip through the cracks in your morning routine?  You’re buzzing around trying to get ready for your day and to work on time — and if you are a parent, you have a thousand other things to do, as well! It can be quite difficult to fit in a healthy breakfast in the […]

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3 Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes Ready in 15 Minutes

Guest Blog Posts Vegan Recipes

People often have the misconception that in order to eat a healthy vegan diet, you have to spend tons of time laboring in the kitchen. Not true! Vegan diets that are made up of a wide variety of whole plant foods are rich in essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, dietary […]

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Rainbow Potato Hash (Vegan of Course)!

Guest Blog Posts Vegan Recipes

This easy vegan dish goes along with my love for the combination of potatoes, kale, mushrooms, and onions. I mean, come on, is there any better savory combination? I almost always have left over baked potatoes of all varieties in the fridge. This is a great way to make use of the left over potatoes. […]

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why vegan documentary

Why We Went Vegan: Inspiring Documentary!

Vegan-Related Books & Documentaries

I was recently honored to be included in an inspiring new documentary featuring 31 (one for every day of January 2017) Miami locals telling their stories about why they went vegan! Planted in Miami is a podcast I’ve been a guest on, that’s about conscious living in the Magic City (Miami) where they interview inspiring locals who […]

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Quick and Easy Chia-ocolate Pudding


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