Asos Vegan Products

Online Vegan Fashion Boutique: ASOS – Green Room “Eco Edit”

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ASOS Green Room “Eco Edit” is a great online boutique dedicated ” collections with an ethical or eco-conscious story to tell. ” Since it’s the middle of Summer, if you’re like me, you love an easy breezy dress to throw on with a cute pair of sandals and be on your way. Well ASOS has a […]

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Ellie Goulding Sexy Fit Vegan of the Month July 2015

Ellie Goulding
Sexy Fit Vegan of the Month July 2015

Sexy Fit Vegan of the Month Vegan Fame and Fortune

The Amazing Ellie Goulding Named Sexy Fit Vegan of the Month! July’s Sexy Fit Vegan of the month is one of my favorite artists from the music industry, my girl Ellie Goulding, who became a vegan at the beginning of 2014. I fell in love with Ellie over four years ago when I first heard […]

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Vegan Meal Plan for Fourth of July

Going Vegan Tips Vegan Product Reviews Vegan Recipes

The Fourth of July is the perfect opportunity to try out some awesome easy summer recipes and products as part of your vegan diet plan! If you know me, you know I’m all about easy vegan recipes and having fun. Independence Day is certainly no exception! Barbecues may seem a bit intimidating if you’re newly […]

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Five Easy Steps to go Vegan in 2015!

Going Vegan Tips Guest Blog Posts

Learning how to take small, easy steps to go vegan, looking at it as a day-by-day transition, is the way to making the transition a success. Since switching to a vegan diet plan I’d have to say that aside from the obvious “where do you get your protein from” question, what I hear the most […]

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Vegan Fitness Journey 2

My Vegan Journey Part 2: Regaining My Strength

Guest Blog Posts Vegan Fitness Vegan-Related Current Events

“Being part of Team Plantbuilt is a huge honor as it allows me to be part of a much larger group of athletes who share a common goal, to show that you can be strong, athletic and build muscle on a vegan diet plan and most importantly to support animal welfare.” In my last blog […]

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Brooks Running Company Eco-Friendly

Brooks Running Company: Environmentally Conscious & Employee Friendly!

Vegan Fashion Vegan Fitness

For any of you who are avid runners such as myself, you may know that it is not easy to find a great running shoe, much less vegan running shoe, that can support the wear and tear hitting the pavement can put on your knees and feet. Even more challenging is finding a brand that […]

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Cut-Upper-Body of a fit man

Workouts For A Cut, Beach Body

Guest Blog Posts Vegan Fitness

Are you looking to get cut for that beach body this summer? Do you want to shed a little more belly fat to be the envy on the beach? Doing this and also improving muscle definition can be frustrating at times. So here are some good helpful pointers to switch up that boring split routine. […]

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Kirsten Going Vegan Story

Hello all you Sexy Fit Vegans!

Going Vegan Tips Guest Blog Posts Vegan Fitness Vegan-Related Books & Documentaries

“After 11 years of being a vegetarian I watched a documentary called Vegucated and I realized I could no longer stick my head in the sand.” Hello everyone!                          I have done a couple of posts here already but I thought I would formally […]

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