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Vegan Thanksgiving Cartoon

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Sexy Fit Vegan-Approved!

Sexy Fit Vegan Recipes Tips for Going Vegan Top Vegan Swaps & Product Reviews

Top Healthy, Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Picks! Can you believe it’s time to plan your Thanksgiving meal already? As I do every year, I have scoured the internet for the top plant-based vegan recipes that meet all my criteria. Recipes must first of all be easy-to-follow and not contain hard-to-find ingredients to make my recommendation […]

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chocolate banana chia seed pudding

Chocolate-Banana Chia Seed Pudding

Sexy Fit Vegan Recipes

Check out my recipe for easy-to-make, guilt-free chocolate banana pudding, made using chia seeds! (Recently published on  

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Vegan Frying Pan

Go Vegan and Go Out to Eat, It’s Easy!

Tips for Going Vegan

A great social life and being vegan can go hand-in-hand! One important step in your sexy fit vegan journey is discovering how to eat out comfortably and happily… You can’t have a great social life without going out to restaurants with your friends, right?!  Here’s how I look at it… Truth is, I may not get to […]

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Meal Time Weight Loss TIps

5 Simple Meal-Time Weight Loss Tricks

Tips for Going Vegan Vegan Nutrition Information

Shed those extra pound with these 5 simple tips!  When it comes to weight loss, it’s great to “think big.” When it comes to changing habits we’ve had for years however, long-term success is usually found by consistently taking small steps in the right direction until you reach your larger goal. In this article we […]

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